Necklace with tactile display

Smart wearables / emotion stimulation / expression / assistant /
recorder for a virtual personality

This is a concept of a personal smart device that can be used continuously. It allows to have free hands and free pockets. The device is securely attached to the body, and its loss is immediately detected.

The communicator with a screen on the neck is perceived as jewelry, it looks like a badge or an avatar in the offline world.

The neck is the best place to wear a microphone, speakers, camera, antennas, activity and emission sensors. This device is designed to recognize and translate verbal signals, gestures, touches and graphic symbols.

Tactile display allows you to instantly transmit signals without distracting hearing and vision functions. It provides a special way to stimulate emotions.

Our first step in this project is the eight channel tactile display.

Virtual personality formation (goal)

The device records all its owner's statements. Later on, artificial intelligence determines the amount of knowledge accumulated by the human being, their way of thinking, and intonation. If you use the device for decades, you'll be able to communicate with your younger self when an old person. The device has two separate microprocessors and two memory blocks on board. One processor works in a network with cloud data. The other processor works with personal data. This way accessing the virtual personality by the police is prevented.

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